Claims Advice for Slips and Trips

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If you’ve been injured as a result of a slip, fall or trip then you may be eligible to make a claim.

While often, tripping or slipping doesn’t cause much damage, in some circumstances, the effects of these accidents can be life-changing—and at the very least cause harm and inconvenience.

If you believe your fall was a result of a badly-maintained property, surface or walkway or any form of lack of safety measures, then making a claim is the best thing you could do—especially with an expert legal team by your side to talk you through the process.

What kind of slip or trip can I claim for?

If your slip, trip or fall was the result of an unsafe or poorly maintained walking space then a claim is your best way forward.

You can claim against both privately and publicly owned spaces, whether it’s ill-maintained footpaths or spillages on flooring without signs of wear and tear that has left walking spaces uneven or trip hazards.

If you’ve been injured as a result of a fall where you believe you aren’t at fault, then consulting with a legal professional is the first step.

From airports to gyms, footpaths to parks or even nightclubs and shopping centres, unsafe practices or lacking maintenance that leads to injury may lead to claims.

Head, back and fracture injuries are all possible results of these types of falls–which can be life-threatening in the worst instance and simply very painful in others.

If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of a slip or a fall, speaking to a friendly and professional legal expert will put you on the right path quickly.

How do I start a claim for a slip, trip or fall?

If you’re planning on claiming for a fall, a trip or a slip, step one should be speaking to a professional legal advice service as soon as possible.

At Personal Injury Claims, we provide expert assessments of your claim – giving you all of the information you need to achieve a successful outcome.

Fill out our online assessment form today, and you can get the ball rolling on the process for your claim.

Our friendly, expert team of in-house lawyers have the knowledge and experience to support you in your claim.

Whether it’s a straightforward process or requires a little additional insight and legal expertise, we can take away the stress and issues that can come with claiming solo by representing your needs when you require it most.

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